Your dog might have been sick for some time, and you might finally want to get them to a veterinary hospital to determine the problem. However, realizing that dogs can be combative or aggressive when they are ill, you might not be sure how you'll make the trip successfully. Use these pointers.

1-Cover Their Mouth

To avoid bites as you attempt to move your dog's body from place to place, you'll have to devise a method of covering their mouth. If you have a muzzle, of course, you can use that accessory. If you don't, some pantyhose can be tied around your dog's mouth. Be sure that you're only fastening tight enough to keep the mouth closed until the dog is moved. When moving the dog is finished, remove the hose.

If the dog is vomiting, however, do not cover their mouth; suffocation could be possible.

2-Use a Towel for Movement

Your dog might be unwilling to stand and walk out to the car; indeed, the lack of movement could be what prompted the trip in the first place. A small dog can be scooped up without trouble, but larger breeds can be tough to transport. One way to move the dog into your vehicle is to use a towel or bath sheet. If you can coax your dog to lay on the towel—or if you can work the towel beneath them—you can then slide them along the floor until lifting them to their carrier or the vehicle. Ensure that you've already prepared their carrier or the back seat so that you don't have to deal with that at the same time you're trying to move the dog.

3-Ask for Medication

Your dog may be so agitated that you cannot make any progress. In such cases, your vet may be willing to prescribe some calming medication for the dog. That way, you can administer the medicine in their food or with a snack. When they're calm or asleep, you can then set about the action of transporting them to the vehicle and the hospital. 

4-Stay Calm

You might have sincere concern about what's wrong with your dog. Your dog sees you every day, so they can likely sense that you aren't in a good mood. That can then make them uncomfortable. Therefore, do your best to calm and center your own emotions before you work with the dog.

With these tips, sick dogs can be moved to the family vehicle and taken to veterinary hospitals like the Buck Road Animal Hospital for examination. Call the office for more ideas and pet guidance.