When you have a dog it is up to you to make sure that dog is provided with everything it needs to stay healthy and safe. Getting the dog its shots is one of the best things you will do when it comes to keeping the dog healthy. When your dog is fully up to date on their vaccinations, you will be significantly decreasing the chances of them becoming sick. However, there are a lot of other benefits that come with keeping your dog properly vaccinated then staving off illnesses, and you can learn about some of these benefits right here.

Less worry – Once your dog is vaccinated you won't have to worry if they come into contact with another dog, or if you take them to a dog park only to learn that a sick dog had spent time at that same park. You can take your dog out places with you knowing they are protected, where you would normally feel like you need them to stay home out of the germs.

Proof of vaccinations – Once you get your dog their shots, you will be given a proof of their shots that comes in the form of vaccination records or a receipt from the vets stating which shots your dog received and they date those shots were given to your dog. You may be surprised at just how often you can be asked to show roof of vaccinations. You can be asked for it when you go to take your dog to the groomers, you can be asked to show it if you are going to be having your dog be boarded while you are out of town and you can be asked to show proof of vaccinations if you are going to be shipping your dog.

Licensing your dog - When it comes to your dog's rabies vaccination, you will also need to show proof of this vaccine when you go to license your dog. You will also be asked to show it for the other reasons already mentioned above. Plus, if your dog ends up nipping someone, even if they were playing, then that person will want to see proof that your dog is up to date on their rabies vaccination, since rabies is a serious illness that can be fatal, not only for dogs, but also for humans who are bitten by an infected dog. If your dog is in a fight with another dog, they will also expect you to be able to show proof of the rabies vaccination.

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