Human hospitals are open 24/7 because humans are awake all hours of the day and because all kinds of not-good things happen to humans regardless of the time of day. It just makes sense to have a 24-hour animal hospital anywhere where there is a concentrated number of animals and pets. There are at least three really big reasons why these animal hospitals exist and why they never close.

1. Cat Fights and Car Accidents

If you let your kitties outside to roam at night, they will undoubtedly find trouble, or trouble will find them. This is especially true if the cats are not spayed or neutered. Male cats will pick fights and rip each other apart, while female cats will fight for territory and breeding ground. Along with the nightly cat fights, cats have to contend with cars on the road that cannot and will not see them before it is too late. If your pet manages to limp home in the morning, you will be absolutely thrilled that you do not have to wait for a vet clinic to open because the pet hospital is always open.

2. Dogs Chase Cars

Why dogs chase cars is uncertain. It seems to have something to do with the primal instinct of chasing prey, and cars move as fast as prey. Unfortunately, domestic dogs do not realize that their automotive "prey" can kill them. Thousands of dogs are hit by cars every year, and hundreds more die from injuries because owners cannot get the dogs into a vet to save the dogs' lives. If they live close enough to an animal hospital, however, the dogs have a fighting chance at survival.

3. Birthing Baby Animals Has High Risks, Strange Locations, and Strange Hours

Human mothers put their lives at constant risk to have babies. The same holds true for animal mothers. Animal mothers will present with breech babies, two babies trying to come out at the same time, tearing of the birth canal, and hemorrhages. On top of all that, an animal mother will go into labor and delivery without a human knowing it, and that can cause some major risks and health problems, too. If you are able to find the mother as she is going through labor and delivery, you can put her in a place where you can watch her and make sure she does not need your help. If she does need help, it is probably going to happen at three or four in the morning when animal hospitals are open, and vet clinics are closed.

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